Essential tips for surviving office life

I’ve only worked in digital marketing for a short time, but I’m no stranger to office life in general. Through observations, experiences and reading listicles on my own time, here’s a few things I think are essential to surviving life in the cubicle (or the open floor space).

Get organised

Everyone, everywhere (I’m looking at you, Kikki K) has methods or sells ways of getting organised. My mother is one of the most organised people I know. Ever since I was little, ‘check the diary’ has become a known answer if we asked something about scheduling.

I love paper schedules but rarely use them. At work, I have my agenda on my Google calendar and write the day’s tasks out on my notepad. Completed items get ticked off, unfinished items are moved to the next day.

Have a home-packed lunch

Some restaurants do have affordable menus and others have healthy menu items. But in the end it all adds up. I’ll admit to being a picky eater (understatement; very picky) so it brings me peace of mind knowing there’s something in the fridge that I know I’ll eat.

Packing your own lunch saves you money, your waistline and time wondering over what to order from a menu. Save those lunches out for the weekend, or spend the money you saved on something sparkly.

Get out

I never eat lunch at my desk, not when there’s a balcony with a view and access to fresh air. It’s also important to stretch your legs. Get out for a walk around the block twice a day. I use it as a chance to cleanse the palate before starting a new task. Plus, getting outdoors is a treat for your endorphins and your vitamin D levels.

Have drinks on hand

Any Australian office worker will probably die with a paper coffee cup in their hand; cut down on the cups and the cost by having a jar of instant in the office. My workplace can’t go past Moccona, and Robert Timms coffee bags are easy to transport.

You can make your own juices and coffee (or tea) at home and bring it in a thermos. In your FACE $5+ medium flat white with skim!


We spend all day at the office, and by that extension our colleagues. Having no camaraderie is one of the major reasons causing people to change jobs.

Laughing helps boost the endorphins, plus it’s nice to share a joke. You can even laugh at your own expense, so long as it’s not often. If you can’t laugh at work, where you spend the bulk of your day, you’ll feel down in the dumps by the time you get home.

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