Red Billabong

Monsters, madness and Dan Ewing. Need I say more?

brisbane weekender

Luke Sparke makes his creative debut in Australian monster feature Red Billabong, premiering August 25th.

Brisbane Weekender’s Jess McMillan sits down with actress Emily Joy to discuss legends, brotherly bonds and how humour can bring monsters and men together.

1. Break it down for us – what is Red Billabong about?

It follows two brothers who are given their grandad’s property after he’s died and they have to decide whether to sell it or to pass it on to the local Aboriginal tribe.

As they’re trying to decide what to do over that weekend, some friends come over to visit, they meet with a property developer and an Aborigine elder comes as well – and then spooky things start happening!

In terms of genre it’s an action thriller; it’s a wild ride because all of these things happen over (the space of) one weekend. It’s a little bit scary, but…

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