The Showroom

I’m prone to running into things – doors, poles, other people yada yada yada. Sometimes the “accidents” can turn into delightful, unexpected finds. Plus I’m naturally nosy, and when there’s a somewhat unnoticable staircase leading up to “the most beautiful shop in Brisbane” according to the chalkboard out the front, how could I resist?


The Showroom is a hidden gem on Edward Street, and up the steep staircase you will find nick nacks from brands based in the web and blogosphere. The items available for sale are from established labels and upstarts alike, and if you go for the simple and elegant in terms of homewares, The Showroom will surely have something to please. The aim is to bring items from the web into the real world for customers to touch, feel and connect with, whether it’s terrycloth towels or Bee One Third honey sourced from West End. I can imagine my mother “connecting” with the  New Farm Confectionary dark chocolate honeycomb on the shelf, and I was drooling over the Lightly marble plates, myself.

The products, like a trip to Ikea, may have you fantasizing about how to style your home or remembering days gone by. The bowls and kettles from Falcon Enamelware gave me a sense of nostalgia for a ’50s kitchen, while the ramen print from Lambie and Co inspired flashbacks of watching tipsy salarymen at the ramen stand at one am back in Kyoto. Good times, good times.

The Showroom is a place to bring the creators of the brands on display in contact with the customers who shop there. When I walked in to take photos, there was preparation for a workshop to be hosted by The School – Watercolour 101. Bringing out your inner artist and stylist is the norm here.

The store has a high rotation of product, so there is always something for everyone. Copper cups? Check. Dainty necklaces? Check. Botanical prints, ye old science-y style? I don’t need it but I want it. The staff working the space are always friendly and eager to help out if you need some advice or want to snap a pic for Instagram. After all, it is supposed to be the most beautiful shop in Brisbane.

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